Ribbon Embroidery Frames

November 1, 2022

Here is a new type of Ribbon Embroidery for you!

We have created 3 different frames that are lovely to use with names, sayings or just a cute embroidery. Finish it in a frame, canvas or maybe a pillow for a loved one.



Important information about combining Ribbon embroideries and text or other designs


The only way to combine the ribbon frames with the text is to do it in your Designer EPIC™2. 

If you send a ribbon embroidery to the Premier +™2 and save, it will lose all the special settings that make it a ribbon design. 

Same if you want to repeat a ribbon embroidery or combine with other designs.  


You can read more in the Ribbon Embroidery Tips & Hints 

In the frames above the text combinaton is created in the software and combined with the frame in the hoop. You will find it among the 25 new designs. 

Both the seam ripper and the teddy ballerina can be found in the Library.