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Lace Angel

Embroider an angel with Free Standing Lace as a decoration or as a guardian angel for a loved one. Full instruction included.

Lion with different technique

Find out how you can incorporate applique in the Magnificent Lion ribbon embroidery


Read the frequently asked questions about the Library. How does it work with a subscription service? What machine do I need to be able to access the designs? and more...

The Magnificent Lion

Ready for a new ribbon friend? Meet the magnificent lion!

More than 100 Ribbon Embroidery Designs

New ribbon designs are added every week and now there are more than 100 designs available. 

creative™ grand quilters hoop

Read more about the new 260x260 hoop available for creative™ icon. The perfect hoop for quilt projects or large 10"x10" square embroidery designs.

Search for designs in French or other languages

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Mega Quilter's Hoop

The perfect addition to the hoop collection. The 260x260 mm size is perfect for large quilting blocks and square designs. 

Tips & Hints

Learn useful tips & Hints. How to use the different specialty embroidery techniques and more...

Chenille Pot Holder

Create pot holders with chenille effect out of re-purposed old denim from your stash. Get step-by-step instructions in a Project Creator file.


The right needle is very important for a successful project. Read more about the different needle types available for your sewing and embroidery machine.

Stay Connected

Use mySewnet™ Project Creator to share sewing instructions that you can follow with step-by-step instructions in your mySewnet™ enabled machine or in the apps. 

Yarn Couching Embroidery

Create 3D effects with yarn. Either with free-standing embroideries or as additions to fill area embroideries.

Ribbon Embroidery

There are several ribbon embroideries included in DESIGNER | EPIC™ 2. you will find even more here in mySewnet™ Library.

Felting Embroidery

Felting is not so much about adding stitches as adding texture and fibers. Read more on the three basic technique here...

Thread Velvet™ Embroidery

Several layers of thread creates a soft and smooth velvet effects in your embroideries.

Metal Hoops

For the Hard-to-Hoop Fabrics and Finished Garments, thin stretch fabrics, velvet, suede, leather and coarse fabrics is hard to hoop and the fabric can be damaged by the hooping.


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