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Cute and Cuddly Owl

Embroider and sew this cute owl. Find the template, designs and step-by-step instructions here.

Easter Napkins

Embroider napkins with cute chickens. An easy project for the Easter dinner table! How many do you need?

Happy Valentine!

Add some extra love to your Valentine giftwrapping with these hang tags. Three different styles to choose from.

Swedish Santas

Many years ago we had a Swedish Santa kit. Even if that is not available anymore, you kan find the pdf pattern here on the Library.

Ribbon Embroidery Attachment

Great news for Husqvarna® Viking® Designer EPIC™ or PFAFF® creative icon! In the new update you will get the possibility to use the Ribbon Embroidery Attachment

Ribbon and Appliqué Octopus

Create a magical underwater scene by adding appliqué fabric underneath the ribbon.

Lace Angel

Embroider an angel with Free Standing Lace as a decoration or as a guardian angel for a loved one. Full instruction included.

Tips & Hints

Learn useful tips & Hints. How to use the different specialty embroidery techniques and more...

Specialty Bobbin Case Embroidery

Use the Specialty Bobbin Case when embroidering with a slightly heavier thread. A fun technique where the result is on the back of the fabric. Read more about the technique here.

360x350 Hoop

Our largest embroidery area is 360x350mm with the turnable hoop. Learn more about the technique and how to get the best result.

Using Metallic Threads in Embroidery and Sewing

Learn more about why the deLuxe Stitch System and ActivStitch Technology are perfect for specialty threads

Mending is Caring

Mending is not something we prefer to do. The items usually stack up. Why not try to make it more fun by adding an embroidery on that hole!

Chenille Pot Holder

Create pot holders with chenille effect out of re-purposed old denim from your stash. Get step-by-step instructions in a Project Creator file.


The right needle is very important for a successful project. Read more about the different needle types available for your sewing and embroidery machine.

Stay Connected

Use mySewnet™ Project Creator to share sewing instructions that you can follow with step-by-step instructions in your mySewnet™ enabled machine or in the apps. 

Yarn Couching Embroidery

Create 3D effects with yarn. Either with free-standing embroideries or as additions to fill area embroideries.


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