Ribbon Embroidery Technique

June 24, 2021

Ribbon embroidery is an industry first in the home sewing area. The Ribbon Embroidery Attachment embroiders ribbon in place and creates beautiful 3D embellishments.

Here we have added some Tips & Hints on what to think about when it comes to ribbon embroidery:


  • Only use embroideries specially designed for ribbon embroidery attachment. They are digitized in a special way and tested to work well.
  • It is not possible to use the Ribbon Embroideries in Premier +™ 2 because the special format of the Ribbon Embroidery is lost


  • You can use any width of ribbon but certain embroideries work better with a narrow or wide ribbon. In the name of the ribon design you will see the length of ribbon needed.
  • If your ribbon is wrinkled due to how it was stored, it is good to iron it before winding up it on the ribbon wheel.
  • If you want to layer 2 ribbons in different colors, start to wind the ribbon you want on top facing out.
  • The result can look very different depending on the width of the ribbon. We recommend to test if you are using other widths than recommended.