Thread Velvet™ Embroidery

November 1, 2022

Several layers of thread creates a soft and smooth velvet effects in your embroideries. Thread Velvet™ embroideries have multiple blocks of satin stitches placed on top of each other to create a 3D effect.

Creating the Velvet effect.

  • When the embroidery is finished, use a seam ripper with a blade and carefully cut down the center of the satin stitching in the Thread Velvet™ areas.
  • Slice through all thread layers, being careful not to cut the fabric underneath.
  • The cut threads will “bloom” creating the velvet effect. The blooming process can take several minutes.


  •  Apply fabric glue to the wrong side of the stitched area. This will help protect the cut threads from pulling out.

Tip: You can find step-by-step instructions on all different embroidery techniques in the JoyOS Advisor™ on your machine.
They are divided in different categories and sub categories. From Basic embroidery to cutwork, felting and other specialty techniques.