Book Cover

November 1, 2022

Making book covers is easy and fun. You can make them personalized by adding embroideries or other embellishments.
This instruction will guide you through the process!

The amount of materials needed depends on the cover size, but here is a list of the types of material you need:

  • - A book, notebook or similar.
  • - Fabric for the outside and flaps 
  • - Thin fusible batting
  • - Lining fabric (optional)
  •  -Satin ribbon or similar for bookmark (optional)
  • - Matching sewing thread


Calculate the cover size

The size of the book will determine the size of the fabric and batting. 

1. Measure the height of the book. Add 3cm or 1¼“ This is the height (H) of the fabric with seam allowance (1,5cm or ⅝” at the top and bottom)

2. Measure the width (W) of the book and take that four times. Add the depth (D) of the book. This is the length of the fabric.

3. Now you have the measurements for the outside fabric piece. 

4. To reduce unnecessary bulk the batting will just be on the outside parts of the book cover, so you need book width x2 +depth. See  the dotted area in the picture above.



5. Cut out the outside fabric and the batting at the required size.

6. Add embroidery or other embellishments in this step.

7. Fuse the batting to the wrong side of the fabric in the dotted area, see picture above.

8. Put the outside fabric with the right side up at the table. Lay the book on top, wide open and centered on the fabric

9. Fold the short side edges in  over the book and make a crease and remove the book. Pin at the edges 

10. Now fold half of the edges back again to make the flaps. Pin in place.


NOTE! Now you have two choices; to make  the book cover with or without lining.


Without lining:

11. Sew along the long sides of the book cover with 1,5cm or ⅝“ seam allowance.

12. Turn the book cover right side out and press. Insert the book

With lining:


Measurements  for the lining: 

The same height as the cover fabric. Measure the opening and add 5 to 10 cm (2 to 4”) depending on the size of the book cover.
The lining needs to cover at least 2 ½cm (1”) of the flaps on both sides.

13. Finish the left and right sides of the lining with zig-zag or a small hem

14. If you like you can add a bookmark. Pin it in the center of the cover. 

15. Place the lining fabric on top, centered and covering the opening pin in place. Sew along the long edges using 1,5 cm or ⅝“ seam allowance

16. Turn right side out, press and insert your book!