Tablet Case

November 1, 2022

The specially designed ”Embroider & Shine” collection is made of separate units in various shapes to give you unlimited variety!
You can find them, plus 3 readymade combinations, as free downloads.

You Need:

- Presser Foot for leather and vinyl 
- Light & Tacky stabilizer
- White faux leather 50x28cm (19 ¾ “ x 11”)
- Strips of Taupe leather, 2.25cm (1”) wide, 55cm
- (22”) long for fastening and 85cm (33 ½ “) for edging
- Fabric for Lining 50x28 cm (19 ¾ “x 11”)
- Embroidery thread of your choice. We used Robison Anton Rayon 40: 2224, 2296, 2331, 2380, 2430, 2521, 2582
- Taupe sewing thread
- Hot Fix crystals 5mm
- Touch Applicator

Embroider & Shine Collection


Hoop the stabilizer in the 240x150mm (9.6” x 6”) Hoop with the sticky side up.
Place the leather on the stabilizer. This stabilizer is perfect for materials that you do not want to hoop because it might leave marks on it.
Place the leather on top, making sure it sticks to the stabilizer.
Embroider the #2016 design (see illustration for placement).


Attach the Leather/Vinyl presser foot
Place the leather and lining right sides together and sew the short edge next to the embroideries with a 1cm (5/8") seam allowance using a straight stitch (see illustration).
Turn inside out.

Place the leather and lining wrong sides together and stitch them together with a straight stitch, following the edge with the presser foot.
Cut off a 3cm (1 ¼") long piece for the loop on the 55cm (22") strip of taupe leather before you sew it to the center of the white fabric (see illustration).
Cut the loop piece in half and stitch it in place 7.5cm (3”) down from the edge (see illustration).

Fold up the embroidered part of the bag 20cm (8”) and stitch the short sides in place with a straight stitch, following the edge with the presser foot.
Fold the longer strip of taupe leather around the raw edges and stitch in place with a straight stitch  (see illustration).

Add Hot Fix crystals by using the Touch Applicator.