Jewelry Project

November 1, 2022

The specially designed ”Embroider &Shine” collection is made of separate units in various shapes to give you unlimited variety! You can find them, plus 3 readymade combinations, as free downloads.

You need:

- Water soluble stabilizer
- Embroidery thread of your choice. We used Robison Anton Rayon 40: 2224, 2296, 2342, 2380, 2430, 2521
- Ribbon 1cm (¾”) wide, silk or organza, 80cm (31”) long, matching your jewelry
- Fish hook earrings
- Hot Fix crystals 5mm
- Touch Applicator

Embroider & Shine Collection


  1. Hoop the water soluble stabilizer
  2. Embroider the designs in the color of your choice.
  3. Soak the embroidered jewelry elements in water, just enough to make the stabilizer dissolve.
  4. Set aside to dry. After the pieces are dry, press with an iron to make them flat
  5. Arrange the elements in a pleasing design and sew them together with the sew-on-button stitch. This stitch is sewn without any presser foot. Add a ribbon with the same stitch.
  6. For earrings, add a fish hook earring in the eyelet of the embroidery.
  7. Hot Fix crystals by using a Touch Applicator.