December 23, 2022

Let's go through the basics on how mySewnet™ Library works before you get started.

Just search for what you are looking for and if you want to filter your result. You can filter by technique or category. Sort by stitch count, color count or size.

You can filter in many ways to narrow your search and find exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Library/Favorites
  • Design size
  • Color Block Count
  • Stitch Count
  • Techniques
  • Categories

If you want an appliqué design, just mark that box and the search only contains roses that are appliqués. Click on a designs and you will see that it shows all information you need. Color count, Stitch Count, size and all the thread colors.

In an appliqué, when to add fabric and cut around fabric etc.



When you found the embroidery you want to use, you can send it directly to your mySewnet™ enable machine to embroider or to the embroidery software for editing. Just click on the Send icon.

You can also save the design to your Cloud folder for use later or offline.

Or mark it as a favorite.