Coffee Cozy In-the Hoop Project

November 1, 2022

Has your coffee cup ever been too hot to hold? Or would you like to be more “green” with having a reusable cozy? Then this is the project for you! It’s ALL done in the hoop & can be customized within the mySewnet™ Software.



  • INSPIRA™ Aqua Magic Stabilizer:
  • Hoop 360 x 200mm or larger
  • Robison Anton 40 wt Rayon Embroidery Thread
  • Embroidery Thread & Bobbin Thread
  • Coordinating 50 wt Cotton Thread
  • Embroidery Needle: Size 90/14
  • Universal Needle: Size 80/12
  • 2(5” x 14”) Main Cotton Print
  • 1(5” x 14”) Cotton Batting
  • Elastic - 3½”
  • Coordinating Button
  • Coffee Cup
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Water Soluble Pen
  • mySewnet Embroidery Design


                           Coffee Design                                                            Blank Design


Thread your machine with Robison Anton 40 wt Rayon Embroidery Thread & Bobbin Thread and Hoop INSPIRA™ Aqua Magic Stabilizer into the Hoop.  Load the provided Coffee Cozy embroidery design. 

Place the embroidery hoop onto the embroidery arm and press start to stitch color no 1, placement for the coffee cozy. Place decorative fabric right side up over the placement stitch. Press start to stitch out color no2, the tack down stitch for the coffee cozy. Stitch out the placement stitch for the elastic loop, color no 3.

Remove the hoop from the embroidery arm. Fold the elastic piece in half & line it up in the middle over the placement stitch with the 1” overhang towards the center of the coffee cozy. Tape to hold in place. Place the embroidery hoop back onto the embroidery arm. Tack down the elastic that was taped in place, color no 4.

OPTIONAL: If you wanted to customize your coffee cozy this is the place where you would insert your personalized design directly on the machine or within the mySewnet Embroidery Software.

Stitch color no 5, 6, 7, the coffee text and decorations

Place the second piece of decorative fabric, covering up the coffee cozy outline with the right side down. Place the cotton batting on top of the decorative fabric. Stitch out the final tack down stitch around the coffee cozy, color no 8.

Remove the embroidery hoop from the embroidery arm. Remove the coffee cozy stitch out from the embroidery hoop. Cut close around the outline stitch leaving a ¼” seam allowance where you’ll turn the coffee cozy right side out. Press the ¼” seam allowance back towards itself to create a straight edge.

PRO-TIP: We’ve found it easier to press the fabric straight at this point before turning the coffee cozy right side out.

Turn the coffee cozy right side out. Set the machine up for sewng and thread your machine & bobbin with coordinating 50 wt Cotton Thread

Select a universal straight stitch with a length of 2.5mm. Sew around the coffee cozy ⅛” being mindful to sew the opening closed.

Wrap the finished cozy around a standard coffee cup. With your marking pen, place a dot where the elastic meets the other size of the cozy. Give the elastic just a little stretch so that when the button is sewn on the cozy will hold snugly. Attach the button using your sewing machine or by hand sewing.

Download the full pdf with Husqvarna VIKING specific instruction here:

ITH Coffee Cozy.pdf

Enjoy a warm drink without the fear of your hand getting too warm!