December 23, 2022

Here are some of the frequently asked questions asked about mySewnet™ Library:


Q: How many designs are available?

A: At launch in October 2019, we started with 4000 ,in August 2020 there are almost 5400 high quality and thoroughly tested designs and we will add designs every week, 


Q: Do I need to be online to access the mySewnet™ Library?

A: Yes, all designs are accessible when you are online. Designs you’ve saved to your embroidery machine or computer can be used if you are not connected to the internet but you still need a valid subscription


Q: I’ve found a design in the mySewnet™ Library that I want to share with a friend that doesn’t have a mySewnet™ enabled machine, can I do that?

A: No, the designs can only be used by a mySewnet™ enabled machine by a person that has a valid subscription


Q: Is this like streaming embroidery design?

A: Yes, it is very similar to streaming where you have access to everything as long as you have a valid subscription, when you end the subscription access to all the designs goes away.


Q: How many of each design can I stitch out?

A: As many as you want, the subscription will grant you access to the whole Library


Q: How do I get the designs from the mySewnet™ Library to my machine?

A: When you’ve found a design that you want to stitch out, click the paper airplane icon and choose what online machine you want to send it to, you can also send it to Premier+™ 2 Embroidery Software if you want to customize the design before stitching it out.


Q: What machine do I need to have?

A: Currently the machines that can use mySewnet™ Library are the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Designer Epic™, Designer Epic™ 2, Designer Brilliance™ 80 and PFAFF® creative™ icon.


Q: Can I use mySewnet™ Library on an iPad or a tablet?

A: Yes, since accessing mySewnet™ Library is like going to any website, just remember your login details and you are good to go!