Christmas Tree Stress Toy

November 1, 2022

Do you feel stressed about Christmas or just want to create a fun stocking filler gift? Here is a playful idea:

Sew a Christmas tree that is also a fun anti-stress tool!

You need:

• Pattern

• Wool fabric (Works with other fabrics too)

• Embroidery thread, Red and Gold

• Bobbin thread

• Marble, bead or any type of small ball

Here’s how:

• Print out the template and make sure your marble, bead or ball fits. This is a bit depending on the fabric and the circumference of the marble. Test on a scrap piece.

• Cut out two pieces of wool, slightly larger than the pattern.

• For a Christmas tree look, add a few Candle Wicking stitches on a single layer of fabric as ornaments, randomly placed on the tree.

• Pin the pattern on two layers of wool and follow the lines with a straight stitch, starting at the foot of the tree.

• Make sure to add the marble before closing the foot seam.

• Cut around the tree with pinkie shears and it’s done!

Here is the pdf with instruction and pattern

Christmas Tree Stress Toy

Happy Holidays!