Dandelion Pillow with Encore

November 1, 2022

This lovely  linen pillow is made from one of the embroideries in the dandelion collection. It is easy to get  the composition right  with the encore function in the embroidery software. 

What you need:

  • Dandelion Embroidery files
  • Embroidery hoop 260x260mm (10”x10”) or larger
  • Tear-Away stabilizer
  • Linen fabric, cut  1 piece 20”x20” (50x50cm) for the front, 1 piece 20x19”(50x48cm) and one piece 20”x2” (50x5cm)for the back
  • Embroidery thread
  • Matching Sewing  thread 
  • Zipper, 18” (45cm)


1. Open the embroidery software and choose a Blank Canvas and choose your hoop. Insert the embroidery file you want. We chose this dandelion leaf

2. Go to encore tab, the circle and the standard (not flip) buttons selected

3. Set the repeats to 8 and click Preview. Reduce the circle to fit the hoop. When you are pleased with the result click Apply

4. Go to Home Tab, click Combine, Combine All, then Colorsort. Your embroidery file is now ready to stitch out

Stitch out the embroidery

5. Fold the linen square and make creases horizontal and vertical. Hoop the linen with stabilizer in the hoop and stitch out. Unhoop and remove excess stabilizer.

Sewing the pillow case

6. Sew the large and small back pieces together with a ⅜”  (1cm) seam allowance. Stop sewing 1 ½” (4cm) in from each side, leaving an opening for the zipper. Press the seams open, place the zipper under the opening and stitch in place

7. Measure the back, and cut it to the same size as the front piece if needed. Open the zipper and pin the front and back right sides together. Sew together around the edges using a ⅜”  (1cm) seam allowance